Sunday, March 30, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: Kindness

Today in Sunday School we talked about kindness. Our class is doing a study on the Fruit of the Spirit, and this week the particular fruit was Kindness.
Our teacher began the class by asking what kindness had been shown to us this week.
Easy question.
I mentioned how my friend, Peggy Mc, called me to see how I am doing and tell me she loved me. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a herniated disc and am gradually recovering from that. Peggy, who I call M&M for Mother Mc, has been one of the many people here in South Carolina who has extended the hand of friendship to me.
Jack Mc, Peggy's husband, offered to come to my house and hit me with a rubber mallet so I'd have something to help me forget the pain in my leg. The mallet is an inside joke between us, and I really got a kick of out of it.
Last Sunday, my friend Cassie (Peggy's daughter and my movie-mate) stopped by and brought me her leftovers from the church potluck (they call them "covered dish" here). She brought this sinfully delicious chocolate cake and some "chili beans", which midwesterners just call "Chili". I proceeded to make an entire meal out of the beans for my family by dumping them on giant baked potatoes. Cassie may have had an ulterior motive...she's on a weight loss program, and I'm always suspicious when people on diets give me fattening stuff to eat. But I sure appreciated her thinking of me.
Wednesday my next door neighbor took me grocery shopping. Driving has been a bit difficult for me because the leg affected is the one I use to push the gas pedal. She also carried my groceries for me.
I got a get-well card from our church choir. Pastor Tony called to talk about the church library and then listened so nicely to my tales of woe.
A lady my husband has been working on an article with called and told me she was praying for me.
Nate, Taylor and Mensa Boy have stepped up to the plate with housework, helping me along with the duties I usually do by myself while they are at work or school.
This is all in one week! I regret I only mentioned the phone call from Peggy to my class. It took another 20 minutes of review in my mind before I remembered all the other items. I know there are others that haven't popped into my head yet.
That's the thing about kindness. It's all around us. We just have to notice it. And when we do, we truly begin to understand how blessed we are.
Have a good week!

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