Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Miniature Field of Red

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Another photo of flowers from 40 Acre Rock. There are little tiny colonies of these flowers everywhere. I had no idea at first what they might be, but then I got to wondering if they might be some kind of sedum?

40 Acre Rock

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What a cool place! We drove to the very southern end of Lancaster County yesterday afternoon to explore 40 Acre Rock. (It's really more like 14 acres, guys)

It's just a big granite outcropping right on the edge of the Piedmont and Sandhills regions of South Carolina in the Flat Creek Preserve. It's pretty well hidden in the a wooded area. This is intentional, apparently, because of its delicate ecosystem.

We stayed mostly on the rock, where we saw amazing displays of swamp jasmine and a few small sedum and wildflowers. I took my Canon Powershot point & shoot because it has a macro setting. (I don't have a macro lens for the Nikon. Yet.) That's how I captured this closeup of this little blue flower. Carter, if you are still reading. let me know what this is, ok?

I needs to go back there. Again and again. There are hiking trails in there and apparently even a small waterfall. The rock itself has a bit of graffiti on it, but not as bad as I expected. I suspect the local conservancy has effectively shut down most of the abuse by local teens and rednecks by shutting off the unpaved road that takes you to the rock. You have to park and walk to get in.