Saturday, December 12, 2015


Richard Blaise, whom I've always thought was a leeeedle full of himself, apparently shares my opinion of Grayson, the chef I talked about on this blog the other day.

Here is link to his comments about episode three of Top Chef: I Have to Call it the Way I See it and Taste it. He refers to her as playing with a "chip on her shoulder." Good observation, Richard!

In other Top Chef news, here is a great, entertaining blog about it, written my Max Silvestri

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

First Visit: Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & Roastery

Mensa Boy and I went "bummin'" Sunday and needed up in NoDa at Smelly Cat. I had some vegan chili and a pourover of their grind of the day. It's a nice little coffee shop, and on Saturaay they have a little artisan market behind them.
The chili was good but had soy crumbles in it...not my favorite way to cook vegetarian or vegan. 
They have a separate little bar for pourovers, which is nice, since they take some time to make. 

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

When He Wants to Spend $100 on a Tree Stand

Let him.
Last year our stand leaked and we didn't catch it for a day or so. It soaked several board feet of our bamboo flooring and Mensa Boy had to replace it. 
So he searched high and low and came up with this super-de-duper stand with a foot pedal you use to lock the tree in place, and a FLOAT that tells you the water level! It's the Krinner Tree Genie XXL, and I won't have to put water in until it tells me to!

Monday, December 07, 2015

Top Chef: California (SPOILER ALERT, Ep 2)

Ominvores cooking vegetarian....

In the second episode of the new season of Top Chef, Chef Grayson, from New York, ends up in a group doing a pop-up restaurant that is vegan. She proceeds to whine her way through the episode, stating several times that she like meat and, at one point, says "I put in meat in everything."

Well, her team pretty much sucked and she did not get sent home that time.

Here's thing...I think it takes real skill to cook vegan. I told Bob, "I can make anything taste good if I throw meat in there."

Just sayin'

Sunday, December 06, 2015