Saturday, December 05, 2015

Carolina Bison (and Elk)

Carolina Bison has really made my life, as head cook of the Paulson household, a lot simpler. I have two meat-seekers in my home and they really don't mind my attempts to use something other than big industry's beef, chicken or pork. Carolina Bison has been a hit here when the weekly red meat involves something ground.

Last night we had a simple goulash (macaroni, beef, tomatoes) using Carolina Bison's ground elk. It was fantastic, if a little lean. I usually use 90/10 ground beef in my goulash, but thought I'd try the elk this time instead. Harris Teeter carries Carolina Bison and had it on sale for $8.99 for one pound package. I guess it turns out that goulash really could use a little more fat in it to get that great flavor. I drizzled ghee in mine and that helped quite a bit.

I think the next time I use it, I'll buy a pound of Elk and a pound of their beef (yes, they have bison, beef and elk), mix the two packages together, and then freeze half. That is what you'd do with venison, which is also very lean, so I'm thinking that could be just the ticket.

Incidentally, all three of our grocery stores, Publix, Harris Teeter and Food Lion have carried Carolina Bison. Food Lion has always been a dollar cheaper on it than the other two, so yesterday I went there first. But there was NO SIGN of it anywhere in their meat case! I'm hoping they were just out of it, and not that they've decided to stop carrying it.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Is it Time to Write More?

I met another like-minded person yesterday. Actually I've known her for a couple years, but only in just a drive-by sort of way through the school. She's a parent and was in for a routine visit with her daughter and School Counselor. After her meeting, we were chatting and the subject of food came up. Then acupuncture, then doctors, then more food. Nutrition, cooking...and so I found another person who cooks for their family, dislikes processed foods, watches what she eats, and is generally a food nerd. Huh. She texted me today and said she has a Facebook page devoted to healthy living and food and such, and I thought, "I used to do that. Write about food and this and that." And so I pulled up this site and saw that the last time I gave up on this page was mid 2012. Maybe nobody will read this page, but I'm thinking I should write on here some more. Maybe it will be good that nobody reads it, because then I can express my more outrageous opinions...that I don't believe in Capital Punishment, but I'm ok with the Confederate long as it's shown on private property... or displayed in museums that have displays about American History. Maybe I'll talk about how I'm not really in favor of incorporating Indian Land. Or maybe I'll just write about food and link stuff to this page about it...things to eat...places to eat... Maybe.