Monday, March 31, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: Weekend Doings

Twins won, Braves lost
Weird how the only negative comment I've gotten about my blog took place on the day I wrote about kindness! Next week our lesson is on goodness. Wonder if I should write about that? I don't know how to delete comments. So I'm leaving it. I could research and find out how, but then, that would be unkind of me.
Today I took Soya to the vet for her annual physical. She'll be 11 years old in July and she's really slowing down. And she's been limping lately. We're going to try an anti-inflamatory. Other than that, she's in great shape. The people at the clinic adore her. She's so muscular and powerful, and yet will let them turn her upside-down and yank on her limbs and poke her over and over to get a vein for blood tests. She's wonderful.
We are making our plans for summer now. Boy Scout camp has been scheduled for the middle of July...right in the middle. So we are planning our trip to Minneapolis for June. The guys are very excited.
Cassie and I went to see Bringing Down the House on Saturday. Steve Martin and Queen Latifah. What a great movie to watch during this time of war, when all the news seems bad. We laughed so hard, we about peed our pants! Next week we plan to see Basic with John Travolta. If we aren't too tired from our "Day of Opportunity" (an opportunity to wash windows) at church. After that is the pig pickin'...I'm excited about that part!
Also Saturday, I went out to lunch with my friend Nannette. We went to a restaurant called "Trio" on Pineville Matthews Road, or Highway 51. Around here they call main drags by their numbers, and they refer to exits by numbers too. Kind of throws me off, but I'm learning. "Trio" was great! They are particularly famous for their seafood dishes, especially salmon. But we had this great salad sampler. We had an appetizer that was North Carolina Sweet Potato Chips. They drizzle melted blue cheese on them. Now, I could have easily just made that my meal. They were super!
But my Saturday was no way as action-packed as the guys. All three of them piled into the car, and drove to Asheville. They checked into a hotel, swam in the pool, then went to visit The Cove, hiked around and then went to the Nicole Nordeman concert. After the concert they decided they didn't want to spend the night after all, so they drove home and got here at 1 am! I was feeling bad for Mensa Boy that he had to drive all the way back so late at night and he said "hey, we had a great time and got to eat at 2 fast food restaurants"!

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