Friday, April 04, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: Restaurant Inspections

Twins win, Braves lose
Twins are 3-0, Braves 0-3
Friday morning brings the E & T section of the Charlotte Observer. They have a pretty funny movie reviewer, Lawrence Toppman. He really excels at captions for photos. Most Fridays I first page through and read all the captions on the photos he's put in for each movie he reviews. Then I just glance through the review. He really doesn't like anything! Makes me feel a bit bad for him. Imagine a job where you have to see what you consider to be bad work day after day and then write about it.
After I look through the movie reviews, I go to the Food section of E & T. I love to read about food and places to eat. I enjoy reading the restaurant review. Today the main review was about a place called Presto Restaurant Bar and Grill.
Then, I finally get to the part I've been waiting for. The anticipation has been building since I picked the newspaper off the driveway. The Restaurant Health Inspections! We didn't have that in "The Red Star", as we so affectionately called the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
I get to the page. "Well, have I eaten at any of the bottom 5? Ever?" NO!
Good. I live to eat another day.

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