Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Dollar Here, A Dollar There.

I'm pleased to report that I've gathered $446 so far for the Komen foundation. My goal is $610, so I've been nagging some folks to pony up a couple of bucks for the cause.I've lost a couple of traditional contributors, but have also gained ones that surprised me. This morning a woman at work handed me checks from her Sunday School class! That was pretty cool. I've gotten contributions for as little as $10 and some for $50. It's a great cause and the only begging I do from my friends all year.

The race is Saturday. Bffs Rena and Sarah and I will walk that morning and then probably have our traditional post-race breakfast. We'll miss Cassie, who has to work that day (last day to register to vote) and Tambri (going to DC with her sister), but we'll soldier on.

Then I have to shower and get over to the Fall into Fun Festival to benefit the library! So it'll be an all-around fund raising day, for sure. I'll be carrying my camera around a lot that day.

Buddies Sarah and Jenny have both turned me on to a fun website called Stickk. It's an online site where you can make commitments to reach certain goals and then track your progress online. Sarah and Jenny are both committed to weight loss. I put a commitment to doing yoga every day. AND a one-hour practice on the weekend. That last bit is the hard part for me. Once I start laying around, it's hard for me to get a move on. The site itself is pretty funny, as it has some fun reward methods. You can commit a certain amount of money to go to a favorite charity if you meet your goal, or you could have it go to an "anti-charity" if you don't. Say for instance that you are a against the NRA and everything it stands for. You can designate the NRA as the recipient of your "stake" if you don't make your commitment. I didn't put up a stake. But if I do reach my goal, I think I might reward myself with a membership to the Yoga Club on Gaiam. Coast over to the site and poke around. It's pretty cool.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shooting a Bit Better

Well, I've had better luck with my shooting this weekend. Friday I went to the Presbyterian Church to shoot their Friday night movie night, but it was a nasty, rainy day so there were not many folks there. I did get a chance to sit down with a friend a visit for a bit, and I shot a few photos, which I played with in Photoshop for a while.

Last night I went to the Church of God and shot their concert, which was put on by this local group called The Christianaires. They are out of Fort Mill, so they didn't have to travel far. I have to say they were darn good. Sort of a country, mountain sounding kind of group. Great Gospel music. There were times when their drummer got a little off, but for the most part they were very enjoyable. I had to tap my feet most of the time.

I also just about embarrassed myself. Actually, I was embarrassed, but not as badly as I could have been. At one point I backed up to a door and was about to lean on it when it opened behind me! I had to do some fancy footwork to keep from ending up sprawled on my back in the fellowship hall! One lady heard the thump and looked back at me and smiled, but I don't think most of the people knew what happened.

I'm teaching myself how to work with camera RAW photos and so far it hasn't been too difficult. Kind of fun, actually.