Saturday, July 19, 2008

Guitar Shop

Guitar Shop
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I'm in a black & white mood today. Probably because we watched a b&w foreign film last night, "Angel-A." I enjoyed the movie, but wouldn't give it my highest rating. It was a bit risque but I thought worth it for the story. An angel comes to help straighten out a loser in Paris. The movie was in French with English subtitles, which I always enjoy.

I shot this in a guitar shop in downtown Nashville last week. I never did take note of the name of the shop.

Oh by the way! Had a wonderful supper last night! Broccoli Pesto & Fusilli Pasta from the website 101 Cookbooks. It was superb. The photo on the website is delicious. I didn't even bother shooting my own.

Friday, July 18, 2008


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I am a stalker. I stalk my friend Rena when I get a chance. Usually I leave something on her car for her when I'm out shopping near her work. It might be a stick of gum, an orange with a smiley face drawn on it, a jar of wild capers...whatever jumps into my hand and says "I need to be on Rena's car.

The other day, with Lis' assistance, I wrote a message on several pieces of post-it note paper and stuck it all over her car. The post-its were perfect for Rena because they said "blah blah blah" on the top, which is something she always says. Most of the pad of 100 notes was left so I stuck the pad on her back window so she could use them later.

The prank was good. The execution was good. But the notes did not stand up to the light breezes we had that day. Rena and her boss had to pick them up from the parking lot ground, grass and bushes when they got off work. The next morning she stuck them on my mailbox. Her timing was impeccable. She managed to stop by minutes after I'd come in from walking the dog, and just before Mensa Boy left for work.

She did not leave me the blank ones.

These are the days winding down to when I go back to work on July 31. Days that are quite hot in the middle, but pleasantly cool and breezy at the beginning and end. I'm spending a lot of time on the patio reading during those times. I like this schedule.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Car Finders

Car Finders
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I saw this little sheep painted on the side of this used-car business while we were sitting at a traffic light in Ridgetop, Tennessee. We made a point of stopping there on the way out of town the next day and I'm glad we did, because then I saw the sign on the front door of the business. I wish I'd shot that, but for some reason I didn't think to. The sign had their business hours posted on it and then on the bottom it said, "In case of emergency call xxxxx." A phone number. I remarked to Lis that it's cool that they are thinking of people that might have an emergency need for a used car.
Car Finders Sheep

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Get Lost

Get Lost
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Anyone who knows me a little bit knows that I love signs. I've always been a sign reader. And package reader, too. Maybe it's because when I was growing up our television watching was limited? And of course we didn't have gameboys and movies to watch when we traveled in the car...which was how we always traveled. And we traveled a good bit. I always had a book with me and did copious amounts of reading in the car. But every trip was heavily punctuated with Mom and Dad saying, "Hey, look at that!" and pointing out the windows. When I do that with our guys they generally don't. (Look, that is.)

The sign above was on a business in downtown Nashville. I didn't even notice the name of the store.

This one is not so terribly interesting, but it caught my attention nonetheless. This high school in a suburb of Nashville (is it Hillsboro?) has a burro for its' mascot:
Burro Crossing

But I think I like this one best. It is on a closed feed store in downtown Nashville(you may have to click the photo to read the entire postscript on the bottom):
And Feed Also

Monday, July 14, 2008

Truckin' Tigger

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On our way to lunch at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville (an event that didn't happen because they don't open until 5 p.m.), we were sitting in traffic and noticed this truck driver had Tigger wired to his grill. Tig doesn't seem to mind too much.
We also saw this cool fish statue in front of the Boy Scout headquarters:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Writer Lis

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Lis has been with Taylor and me as we've traveled to and from Minnesota. Here she is writing a letter in our hotel room the other night.

We arrived home last night around 7:30 or so and after about 90 minutes of unpacking and settling in, we chilled out (as well as you can when it's still in the 80s after dark) on the patio with some crunchy bread, rotisserie chicken and hoop cheese. A very pleasant wind-down to the journey.

Today will be church and then probably I'll have to look at this enormous stack of mail we have here, as well as assess the damage to our checkbooks. As I write this Bear is settling in too. He has a bone that was left in the garden, RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE IT!, and is walking around with it trying to find a new hiding place. He's wearing a new harness I bought for him. It's a Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness with the leash ring on the front of his chest. I'd like to use that when walking him to keep him from pulling so much.

That's it for now. Here's a photo of the dying butterfly we saw in the grass at a gas station in Illinois:
Dying Butterfly