Saturday, August 15, 2009

Apparently Unembarrassable

My boy. He started high school. Well actually he officially starts Monday. Friday was Freshman Orientation. They got their locks, they got their books, they visited teachers. They ate pizza.

Staff have been asking me if he will be horrified if I acknowledge his presence at school. Each time I've said that he and his brother have always seemed glad to see me there. In fact, they have, at times, asked me to come to school.

So I decided to test it out. "Watch this," I said to a staff member.

And I walked up to the lunch table where Taylor and 7 or 8 of his buddies were munching on pizzas. I squeezed my way in between Taylor and buddy Eric, curled my arms around their shoulders and said "HI!" In my perkiest voice.

They introduced me around the table. Each friend saying something to me.

Made me proud.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Yoga: Definitely Not for Sissies Part II

Kundalini. Yup. That's the yoga style I spent an hour with this morning. And I think I'm still trying to catch my breath. I finished the DVD at 9:37 and it's now 10:09.

Yogi Liz brought me three DVDs that she thought I might like to try while I deal with this stoopid foot thing. One was on Yin, which I've been doing for some time now...usually on Sunday afternoons. One was Yoga Mind & Body, which is Erich Schiffmann, whose book I've been studying for some time now, and the third was a Kundalini DVD.

I really have not known anything at all about what Kundalini is. I've heard the word and that's pretty much it. But this morning I found out that it's a very intense floor practice involved breath and movement. The heart was definitely getting a good workout this morning.

After doing this practice, I feel much more optimistic about my ability to keep up my exercise while waiting for the foot to heal. It has definitely been hurting MORE now that it's in the walking shoe, but he warned me that would happen. What is NOT hurting more is the fracture. What IS hurting more is the plantar fasciitis, which has been acting up all summer because I've been walking around barefoot all the time.

So, I'll just do what I can. I probably won't go to too many classes because I think it's hard on the teacher to have someone that constantly needs accomodations, and it's distracting to the other students. I know pretty much for sure that I'm not going to the intermediate class tomorrow night. I may still go to Liz's classes because they are more for beginners. We'll see.

The short of it is that I feel better in my brain and am pretty much ready to stop mourning the foot and just move on.