Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Poop Watch Announcement: March 25, 2008

"The canine has excreted solid waste," Nate announced this evening.

A Watershed Moment

For 13 years I've worked part time. A very flexible part time. It has allowed me to be home when I need to be, run errands during the daytime, be one of the "ladies who lunch," and watch the occasional movie in the middle of the day.

Starting today, and for at least 210 days a year, that will all be different. I'm reporting to the fulltime work world for duty. I'm dressed and ready to go. I have my new steno pad, a note-taking technique I have not used for 13 years, and my bottle of water.

And I also have a tiny bit of anxiety. One would think I might be anxious about performing on the job. But that's not it. I have all the skills. I have willpower and energy. So what am I anxious about?


Yup. My little dog has been my constant companion since August. Following me around, sleeping at my feet, and licking my elbow when he wants to go out, Bear has been a wonderful little buddy for me. And now he'll go in his bed and stay there all day. He'll handle that fine. I wonder how I'll do with it?

We'll see.