Saturday, December 27, 2008

Instrument of Torture

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I don't know why I do this every year. Actually, I do. My husband loves Spritz cookies. I call them "the damn spritz." I always remember that they are his favorite cookies. Then after I make them, swearing (internally) like a sailor, I find out his favorite cookie is Melting Moments. You'd think after 26 years...sheesh!
The Melting Moments are much easier to make, too.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Mystery Hill

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My guys can never resist places like this. They are absolutely terrible about tourist traps. When they saw this place outside Boone, it immediately took them back to The Cosmos in the Black Hills. They just HAD to see it. I thought I had an "out."
"I'll just stay in the car with the dog," I volunteered.
A few minutes later they trooped out to announce that the dog was welcome too. Sheesh!

We did this on the 23rd and it was the only time my camera left its' bag the entire time. Nate's girlfriend Erin shot this for us.

This morning I got up bright and early and hit the 8:15 Jazzercise class in Fort Mill. It's wonderful to go there. The floor is so good on my knees and feet. After class we went to breakfast and then I stopped at another friend's house to chat for a few minutes. The rest of the day was spent hanging around and teaching Bear a new trick. I will not tell you about it until I have accomplished everything I want to do with it. So if it all doesn't work out, you may never know!

We had our Christmas dinner tonight. Roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and corn. Buddy Sarah kept talking about chicken tetrazzini while she was teaching this morning, so I think I'll make the turkey version on Sunday.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Recap

Merry Christmas to everyone!

We got back about an hour ago from Boone, NC, where we stayed in this fantastic cabin on the outskirts of town.

The cabin was well-appointed, complete with washer and dryer, dishwasher, gas fireplace and Christmas tree. Our little live pine that we bought to take with us was still pressed into service. We put it up on a table and strung it with little tiny lights and a put a few shiny bulbs on it.

Yes, there was a hot tub, but not on the porch. It was about 500 yards from our door in a gazebo. No, we did not use it. The weather was fairly atrocious most of the time we were there. Windy, rainy, very cold at night, very warm during the day. Today probably would have been the best day. The sun was out, it was dry and the temps were in the 40s and got up to the high 60s before we left. It's 70 here now.

We planned to do some hiking but the weather was not really in our favor. By the time we decided on a place to go on Tuesday, we were pretty much tired and cold. Yesterday it was just plain rainy and, while we had warm weather gear, we did not have wet gear. So we went to Mast General Store and then bummed around Boone and ate a Japanese Steak house for lunch.

We spent a lot of time at the cabin just chilling and watching movies. I worked a jigsaw puzzle, took naps and read my book. Yesterday we opened gifts. My biggest surprise was the Wii Fit, which I had asked for. But all the time I had it on my list I was concerned about the expense. Mensa Boy and bff Cassie solved that. She sold hers to him. So I got a nice Wii Fit without having to lay out the expense of a new one. And the surprise factor was that they'd even done that transaction. She'd told me she had sold it to a guy at work! (Her ability to lie right to my face is downright spooky.)

Everyone seems happy with their gifts. Taylor got an airsoft gun from us, which we didn't want to buy. But my principal friend told me to do it. "Just get over your anti-gun thing," she advised. And so as he runs around outside with Freddy shooting, Mensa Boy just keeps shaking his head and saying, "Our kid is playing outside. With guns." My don't we change through the years?

So that's my brief recap. I'll try to be more diligent about writing now that the holiday prep is over. I have until the 5th before I go back to school.