Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some people are like slinkies; not really good for anything but they really bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dedicated to Julie

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MST3K - Keeping Clean and Neat

We used to enjoy Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Trial

We began our weekend with a movie. At home. That Mensa Boy had chosen. Don't worry, things did improve from there. Yes friends, against my better judgment I did allow him to choose a movie from And that movie was:

THE TRIAL by Orson Welles.


For those of you who have heard me go on about MB's movie picking...Eraserhead being the most infamous...this movie is right in there. It's a Kafka-esque story about a man who wakes up to find the police in his room, there to tell him he is to go on trial. But no one will tell him what his crime is. Everyone else in the movie seems to know. Just not him. We kept telling each other that it was like a nightmare with all those bizarre scary nightmare qualities.

I hung in there until about 20 minutes before it ended. After I went to bed, MB watched it again with commentary. See?

Continuing with reliving my high school years, one literature book at time, I read "The Giver" yesterday. It actually was not out when I was in high school, so I guess I was living Nate's High School Lit class. It was a very enjoyable book. Quick read. Right now I'm working on a book I picked up at the bargain table at Borders: "Case Histories," by Kate Atkinson. Riveting!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Love is Still a Worthy Cause

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I don't think I'd agree that this movie is "massively entertaining," as the cover of the DVD says. I see the cover also says "Electrifying and Hilarious." I would say it's electrifying. And a little funny in a dark humor sort of way. But "Hilarity" is not what comes to mind.

I ordered this movie up from some time ago because I realized I'd never seen it before. Sometimes I'll watch a movie or give a TV show a try just because it seems like EVERYONE has seen it.

Was it a good way for me to spend 90 minutes of my Saturday afternoon? Well, it did keep me entertained while I cooked my chocolate torte for Valentine's Day. I'll give it that.

If you're going to watch this movie, be prepared to be horrified by the way these heroin addicts live. The movie, by director Danny Boyle, who nowadays is being much hailed for his current hit movie, "Slumdog Millionaire" (I haven't seen that one), is about a heroin addict (Ewan McGregor) who wants to get out from under his addiction.

The movie uses black humor to demonstrate how awful this situation is. The humor keeps it from seeming preachy and helps to make the message so clear. My favorite line is by the main character, Mark "Rent Boy" Renton: "We would have injected vitamin C if only they had made it illegal"

I'm glad I saw the movie.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Gorilla Arm

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Another toy bites the dust, appendage by appendage. Today I threw away the last gorilla arm. I have to do this kind of thing when he's out having his walk. As it is, if he can sort out the scent of it in the kitchen garbage, amidst all the banana and onion peels, he'll sit there and cry for it. That's why I always choose the kitchen garbage. I'd never be left alone if I used a different, less odiferous waste receptacle.

Last week we finally also threw out "Octo-head." The stuffed Octopus was with a us a long time, as a septapus, sextapus, quintapus, quadripus, tripus, duopus and finally an unipus. The Octo-head, or cephalopus (we never could totally decide what to call it) stuck with us for about a month.

Bear is getting faster and faster at shredding toys. This gorilla was dismembered and disemboweled in about 30 minutes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They Days They are A-Passin'

We are enjoying a week of 70-degree weather here and it is really energizing. We Carolinians are definitely spoiled when it comes to winter weather. It was cold (down to 20) for a few days, overcast, sometimes rainy and snowy, and it felt just awful! Even though I never had to wear a jacket heavier than my leather one, it really seemed just bitter and unfriendly outside. How easily we Yankees adapt to the Southern climate!

Yesterday started with Mensa Boy pointing out to me that my beloved Kashi granola bars were on the recall list. A note stating that fact was left on top of my almost-full box. At first I denied the necessity of throwing them out, but at the end of the day I did just that. It was very very sad. I went to the grocery store in the afternoon to do my weekly shopping (actually it seems like it's closer to every 10 days) and could not find any more of them. There were snack bars there by Kashi, but all of the granola bars, which I eat for breakfast several times a week, were gone. I have a full box in my office and I'm considering denying they are on the list and just eating them.

After I was flipped off by an impatient driver on the way to work, I began to have serious doubts about how the day would go. But it ended up being a pleasant day at work, punctuated by my favorite salad from Wendy's: The Mandarin Chicken. And 12 hours after the flipping-off incident I found myself in an EXCELLENT Jazzercise class, being physically challenged by my instructor bud Sarah. My entire torso is sore today as result. But it's a pleasant soreness.

It was a good day yesterday and, even though I began the day today by trying to pour coffee into the BOTTOM of my travel cup (I really need to turn some lights on in the morning when I do that), I have every reason to expect that today will be wonderful.

I hope yours is.


Sunday, February 08, 2009


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Last year I was surprised by how easily the money came together for Nate's freshman year at Erskine.

Friday I was surprised by how easily I screwed up my calculations. Failing to notice that an invoice I received last fall was for just the FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR has cost me an additional $2,300. A costly error on my part. And one for which I had to transfer money from our home equity line of credit this morning.


But Nate is thriving. After a serious academic misstep this fall he seemed to rally over J-term (the period during January when students take just one class on a very intense basis) and raised his GPA significantly. He aced that class, which is really the least I can expect of a son of Mensa Boy's taking that particular subject: The History of Ancient Israel. So now he is hurdling headlong into spring semester and will try his level best to get his GPA to a level that will allow him to maintain part, if not all, of his scholarship money.

It was a quiet weekend here in Indian Land. My other two guys went to the beach with SCUMYs...South Carolina United Methodist Youth. They had a good time. I had wine with good friend Nannette and her beau Chuck on Friday night.

Saturday I hit the Jazz class in Fort Mill and then stayed to attend a Yoga class afterward. After that it was pretty much all downhill. The exercise was good, but quite a bit for this body, which proceeded to seize up and say "ouch" in as many was as possible. But it's a good ouch.

I read more of "To Kill a Mockingbird" which, I have to say, I'd forgotten was so. darn. funny! And I watched episodes of "Private Practice" on the internet. What can I say? I fell victim to the crossover episode of "Grey's Anatomy" and PP and had to find out what the heck she could have said to make him stop the proposal process?

And now my guys are home, it's beginning to darken outside, and it's time to start settling down for the work week ahead.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sheesh. Another Snow Day.

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At the risk of dissing my employer on the internet...wouldn't a 2-hour delay have sufficed?

Yes. It is snowy. A bit. Less than you see in this photo. This one is from the last snow day. But really the issue today is ice. Which I suspect will be all gone as soon as the sun comes up.

Most people celebrate snow days. Particularly kids. But they aren't taking the long view when they do that. You see, we've already lost our Feb 16 off day from the last snow day. Now they will start whittling away at our spring break. Yup. Some really nice, 70 degree day will be taken away to make up for today.

This morning I ran into Taylor's room, jumped on him and started urgently saying "Taylor! Taylor! Wake up!"

He murmured a question.

"No school today!" I told him.

He murmured his happiness.

Yeah. I'm kind of mean that way.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Jack Johnson - Upside Down: Final Stereo Version

Enjoy! Listen to the words. Click Twice. It will take you to YouTube to watch.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I &The Catcher in the Rye

It's Sunday morning and I'm settling in with a terrible cold and the book "The Catcher in the Rye." I'll cough and blow my nose all day, drinking whatever appeals to me and no doubt dozing as often as the massive headache permits.

Why this book? Well, we have this little book group at church and it's run by two high school sophomore girls. They just studied it in their English class, loved it, and now want to share the love. It's been 30mumble years since I read it, and I am remembering already, after only the first half-dozen pages, that I loved it then too.

Of course I'll have to pull up some sort of study guide so I don't look like a blooming idiot in the discussion. I have no idea what literary parsing is done to this book that merits every high school student in the nation reading it.

It's okay to be hideously sick every once in a while. It makes you appreciate your overall health. I do kind of wish, however, that the headache wasn't part of the game.

Oh. Please forgive the grammar in the title. I just needed to do it.