Tuesday, January 13, 2009

IL Library Ribbon Cutting1.09.09

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So this library. We cut the ribbon on Sunday afternoon.

I generally dread big events. I don't like parties, I don't like crowds, I don't like rubbing elbows with strangers...in general I'm not good with with any number of strangers.

But this was really fun! I knew probably 1/3 of the people there. I think we had about 250 or so. We ran 200 programs and those were gone before everyone got one.

The kids. I have no idea who they were. I just had this random thought that they should help cut the ribbon. Otherwise it was just going to be a bunch of grownups. And these little guys were paying such close attention to the whole thing...listening and watching as we all spoke. They were happy to get the chance and we gave them all pieces of the ribbon to keep. And their photo will be in the paper tomorrow.

BB&T provide refreshments. I didn't get in there to get any, but it seemed like I saw someone eating an entire sandwich! So they must have had quite a spread. Their branch just opened in IL and they will be having an open house soon.

So it was a good day. And now I don't have to help raise money anymore. But I am kind of thinking I will have to start up the Friends group. Hopefully I can just set a meeting or two and then get them elect officers and be their own people.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Posse at the New Library

Yesterday we cut the ribbon at the new Indian Land Library and most of the posse came. All I can say is, don't ask Rena if you can borrow scissors!

It was a great day and I'll post more photos of the happenings later. Right now I have about 30 minutes to catch a shower and get my supper squared away before the next 2-hour marathon of 24.

And can I just say? Janeane Garafalo? You ain't no match for Chloe. I mean...I like ye and all that? But Chloe was my favorite character on that show. So you've got some mighty big shoes to fill.