Friday, March 16, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Voting for the Worst

Mensa Boy reminded me last night that there is a conspiracy underfoot with American Idol:

I don't know if they really work, but SOMETHING is keeping Sanjaya "milquetoast" Malakar alive on American Idol.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Preciousssssss

The story has to be what? Maybe 350 words? About a missing cat.

Yep. Page 3A of The Lancaster News has a story about a missing cat.

It "showed up missing," a phrase that never ceases to crack me up. Do I need to explain why?

I feel badly for the 90-year-old woman whose cat is missing, but I'm pretty skeptical that someone would enter the home and carry her away, as the owner asserts. "I think somebody opened the door, came in, put her in their jacket and walked away with her."


There's no mention that the owner is missing anything else. No TVs, jewelry, crocheted toilet paper covers....just an orange tabby cat.

In other local news, I hear there is a group that wants to pay to paint the new Indian Land water tower. The water tower, which was a subject of much controversy when our school board decided to sell an acre of land right besmack in front of the main entrance to the school, will be set right on the corner of Doby Bridge and Highway 521. This group from Lancaster would like to offer to beautify the tower by paying to have it painted.

What would they paint on it, you ask?

Something to point visitors to Lancaster, of course. Something to encourage them to drive 20 miles south to shop at Wal-Mart and Eckerds in Lancaster rather than 7 miles north to Carolina Place Mall, Target, Barnes & Noble, Harris Teeter...I could go on.

But my readers are not stooopid...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Rob & Amber

Well well well well well! "Rob and Amber, I'm sorry to tell you, you have been eliminated from the race."

The magic words were finally said to the couple we loved to hate.

Actually, if Rob weren't such a trash-talker, we probably wouldn't have hated them so much. They are actually a pretty nice couple. And poetry in motion when going through all the hurdles "Amazing Race" could throw at them.


To me it just proves that having good spelling habits is an important life skill.

At the end, Amber said "Well, if you're going to be eliminated, what better place than the end of the world?" (or something like that)

Would have been even funnier if she'd said "Well, it's not the end of the world. Oh. Wait. It is!"
(They ended at Isla Redonda, A.K.A. The End of the World, as it's on the southernmost tip of South America)

It's good that they are gone. Now the show can be more about the race and less about them. They pretty much overshadowed all the other competitors.