Friday, March 28, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: I Miss the Mailboxes

I'd trade my kingdom (such as it is) for a Snyder Drug. There are a few other things I really miss about Minneapolis, but a good, convenient, well-run drugstore is one of the main ones.
With the exception of Target pharmacy, I've never gotten a prescription in less than an hour here. The last rx I got was when I slipped the disc in my lower back a couple of weeks ago. Sunday afternoon, I find an Urgent Care Clinic, get in right away, get some great drugs and then the odyssey began. The nearest Target was 40 minutes away. Then after waiting 10 minutes or so for the drugs, it would be another 20 minute drive home. My husband, Mensa Boy, says "Well, there's a CVS Pharmacy right on the way home". Okay. Take in the prescription. "Ma'am, that will take about 45 minutes".
Have you ever slipped a disc? One that likes to bump against the sciatic nerve? I spent the better part of 90 minutes laying in the back seat of the car whining to my Mom on the cell phone. Then my brother, then my dad.
There are other mailboxes. You know, in the Mpls/St. Paul Metro area there are more of those darling blue mailboxes than you can shake a stick at. To find one, you just close your eyes, picture where you think one might be, and then go there. Usually within a 6 block radius of where you started out. When you open the mailbox's mouth, it always says the pickup time is 1 pm. How do they do that?
Today I went to Kohl's to buy tennis shoes. I passed 3 strip malls on the way to Kohl's. Drove through each one. No mailbox. Took a different way home, 3 more strip malls. Finally, the last strip mall...tucked between the dumpsters of two fast food restaurants...there's the little blue darling.
Open it's mouth.
3 pm pickup.

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