Sunday, July 26, 2009

Upside Down & Inside Out

I'm getting better and better at the headstands (Salamba Sirsasana). I'll ask Mensa Boy to take a photo this afternoon. I can get right up there and stay for quite a bit. I should probably time it, but I'm basically staying there until I find myself thinking: "I should come down now."
After that I do a shoulder stand (Salamba Sarvangasana), a plow(Halasana), and then finally corpse (savasana). It's a nice little mini practice I can do several times a day if I want. What I'm doing with the headstands now is trying to balance away from the wall. I'm doing it a few inches away so I can always recover if I go backwards, but after I get balanced it hasn't been a problem.

That's the upside down.

Tomorrow my schedule turns inside out. Back to work. As I walked Bear around the block this morning, I found myself thinking "Tomorrow I'll be a at work for 2 hours already. Ugh." But really the first two weeks won't be so bad. I'm not looking forward to the 10-hour days, but at least I get 2 more Fridays off. I'll be dressing 'way down for the first few anyway as I'll be in the file vault most of the time. It's a mess in there right now with the rising 9th grade files in boxes on the floor. And I'll have to shift pretty much all the classes a little now because the incoming classes are getting too large for only 2 drawers each. I need to look around for an audiobook today for my mp3 player.