Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fixing the New NewsFeed Feature in Facebook

I'm sure they meant well.
But it's really annoying.

I found this link on Chris McGinn's FB page. It is courtesy Michael Monahan, who is not my FB friend, but is for sure a regular one! Thanks Michael! Michael was frustrated because he couldn't see all his Mafia Wars family updates. He's not my friend on FB, so I sent him a message when I couldn't make his first fix work.

Here is what he wrote:

First, if you're looking for the video tutorials for fixing the News Feed in Facebook, they are now on YouTube. There are two you absolutely need to see to undo the new changes that lets Facebook decide who you see in your news feed. Here are the video links:

This is the updated original video.

This is the additional video. You need to do this to manually make sure that all of your mafia/friends are showing up in your feed. Even after doing all of the steps in the first video, Facebook was still not showing all of my friends, including a member of my top mafia!

If you've seen the video, and you're still having trouble, please check the following:

If you have NO edit link at the bottom, you have to HIDE one post! Pick something other than mafia wars, hover your mouse to the right and select hide. Now go back to the bottom, and see if you have the edit link.

If after following all the steps, you have the edit button, but it isn't showing the "edit news feed" box, but an edit box that simply allows you to hide or unhide friends or applications, the fix is to go to the top of the home page. Click on NEWS FEED. As soon as that finishes loading, click back on LIVE FEED. Now go to the bottom and click edit.

Make sure that after you clear cookies, you LOG OUT of facebook! Log back in then follow the rest of the steps in the video.

For help with other browsers, follow these links to clear your cookies, then follow the other steps in the first video.

For Safari go here:

For Google Chrome: go here

For Opera go here:

For IE 8 go here:

For IE 7 go here:

For IE 6 go here: