Friday, June 26, 2009

Words about Birds

Well, I have this birdfeeder, you see, that no one...and I mean no one...has visited for a year. I don't know why. At least, I didn't know why until yesterday.

It's one of those feeders that's supposed to be squirrel-proof. If anything heavier than a bird sits one one of the perches, this sort of exterior cage slides down and closes all the feeder holes.

Yesterday I noticed that, despite brand-new food...and good quality stuff, I might add...STILL no one had visited. So I went over there to shake things up and see what the scoop was. Apparently the springs on the feeder have given out and the exterior cage has been leaving the little holes shut permanently. DUH. So I've rigged it to stay open and hopefully we'll get some visitors soon. There's a fresh bath for them too.

On the other side of the patio is the hummingbird feeder. The glass on the last year's feeder had cracked so I bought this adorable new one at Lowe's last week that looks like a hot air balloon. The hummers found it within 48 and have been draining it regularly since then. I usually don't fill with more than about 4 oz. of liquid at a time because when it's hot like this you have to change it every couple of days. But they are actually draining it dry now, so I just loaded it to 14 oz. now.

Things are supposed to cool off here a bit a few days...a "cold front" should be coming in that pushes temps down below 90. If that happens, I think I'm going to try to rig up my cameras on tripods and get some bird shots using my remote.

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