Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May He Now Fade Into Oblivion

Well, let me begin with the snarky comment: Apparently our governor was rejecting part of the stimulus package because he had his own personal stimulus package going on. Wouldn't want to be over-stimulated now, would we?

By now Sanford's mysterious disappearance, reappearance and public confession of infidelity has made its' rounds through the news cycle. Not as big as the shot heard 'round the world, but certainly a shot that has been heard from coast to coast.

Here is the story.

Even if you just skim it, be sure to click the link that has his wife's statement. It is a wonderful one. Really.

So he was crying for 5 days in Argentina. Well, he's not getting a lot of sympathy from anyone around here. Most aren't too sure that there was much crying involved. This man states that he has been having this affair for a year, his wife found out 5 months ago, and they have been working on their marriage since then. So while he's working on the marriage he's off in Argentina with the gal pal? Lying to his office and the entire state concerning his whereabouts?

There has been much speculation that Sanford's stimulus stance was a method to position him for a run for the presidency. And when his disappearance was noticed and questioned, many further speculated that he was on the Appalachian Trail crafting his Presidential bid speech.

Well, buddy. That ain't gonna happen. You and John Edwards should build an East Coast Playboy mansion together and just get out of our politics. I'm very sorry I voted for him. Unlike my feelings about Dave Durenberger, I never suspected his crookedness.

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