Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mom? Is That YOU?

I think God's voice sounds like my mother.

Yup. But I bet this doesn't come as much of a surprise to most of you.

So last night I was doing my yoga. A long routine because there was no Jazzercise. The routine is a Yin Yoga practice, wherein one puts oneself into a pose and then attempts to relax every muscle that is not needed to maintain said pose. And then, of course, you are supposed to relax your brain too. Because once you are in that pose, whaddaya need a brain for anyway? As you stay in that pose, the muscles gradually relax and stretch more and more, and the pose naturally gets deeper and deeper.

It's quiet. And should be a great time for praying. But you are supposed be relaxing your brain too...like meditating. And to me praying takes a lot of brain cells. So I've been trying to meditate on the word "pneuma" these days. The sequence is about 8 poses, which I hold for 5 minutes each, so that's a long time to breathe in "pneu" and breathe out "ma," so after a bit I think to myself, "How about just trying not to think anything at all. I want to hear God speaking to me."

So I begin to pray "I'm here. I'm listening. Teach me. Move me." And I find myself saying this in my head over and over. Until finally I pause and, I'm not totally sure, but I think I heard God's voice. And he sounded exactly like my mother.

And he said "Well shut up then! Let me get a word in edgewise!"

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Burkinator said...

Yeah, I think the voice that God downloads into moms is just a variation of His. That's why my mom can put the fear of God into me.