Saturday, May 30, 2009

Girls in the Mix

We are house of boys. There's Mensa Boy, of course. Then Nate, who is 19. And Taylor, who is 14. We've always just been a house of boys.

And now we have Erin, Nate's girlfriend. She is 18. We love having her around. She's not real girly so it hasn't really changed the dynamics around here much. But she does have a woman's mind, and so it gives me someone to roll my eyes with around the dinner table when they are all going on and on about "Survival man" or "really tall flagpoles that reach out into space and what it would be like to be sitting on the top of one."

The other night we were are the supper table and Erin and I started talking about haircuts. This caused Nate to just sit and move his head back and forth, like at a tennis match, watching us talk to each other. I think he was surprised that either of us would talk that long about hair.

My friend Paula has a house of girls. One in college, one just graduating high school and the other a rising sophomore. Her two older daughters have boyfriends. Her daughters are fairly girly and so she is she.

I bet it's much weirder to bring boys into a house of girls than it is to bring girls into a house of boys.

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