Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Meeting

We just finished a nice supper of turkey burgers (courtesy George Foreman...so glad I have him around for these days when the sky suddenly explodes), sweet potato chips (some rather charred, but great nonetheless) and steamed cauliflower. Oh, and of course the homemade hamburger buns.

May I never buy a hamburger bun again. I'm certain I will at some point, but for now, while I have a nearly endless bowl of bread dough in the back of the fridge, there's really no point in buying the tasteless, doughy variety at the grocery store.

I had a chat with the children about summer and am hoping to get the three of them involved in some painting this summer. Buddy Julie is coming for a week in June and she and I will get the two upstairs bathrooms done. Then the bonus room and guest bedroom will be left. It sure would be cool to get the guest room done before she gets here. Erin says she likes to paint. I wonder if she could get that done with Nate the week before Julie comes? Hmmmm.... I have to work 10-hour days that week, so I won't be wielding a paintbrush in the evenings. We'll be lucky to get a decent meal that week.

The hardest part, to me, will be getting colors chosen. I really need to come up with a plan for the master bath. The master bedroom is a rose-y brown. But it also could use a new coat of paint. I dread choosing.

Anyway, I've told the three of them that I will try very hard to find gas money for them to make a road trip back to see Grandparents this summer if they will help out with some stuff here at the house. We'll see how that all goes.

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Anonymous said...

What a great Buddy Julie! She can help you pick colors too, and please don't worry about getting the guest room done. I think she/we can do more that just 2 bathrooms too. You just wait...