Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tyvek Notebook

Tyvek Notebook
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When Mensa Boy goes on a trip to a particularly humid or rainy location, he likes to make himself a Tyvek Reporter's notebook. He meticulously cuts and punches holes into pieces of Tyvek and then puts them on the binder and between the covers of a regular reporter's notebook. I've always wondered why he can't just buy something like that, but he says he's tried to find them and can't. I guess one day someone did tell him they have such an animal at REI. He checked there, and they do carry notebooks like this, but they are not REPORTERS notebooks. Wrong size. Must be the RIGHT SIZE!!

Here he is demonstrating, with sound effects of course, his writing across his latest Tyvek notebook.


Steve said...

I don't know what Tyvek is. Going with clues from your posting, I'm guessing it's some sort of waterproof writing material. They do sell various waterproof notebooks in outdoor stores and book stores, but maybe not the flip-top shape that he needs.

Burkinator said...

We've had several conversations, all started by MB, about Tyvek page notebooks. I can just see him scouring REI. : )