Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Preparations Underway

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Well, we finally got the tree and outside lights up this weekend. It was a struggle, to be honest. Every year we all kind of galump around, wishing someone else would do it. This year I got Taylor to help me put out the outside lights by promising that whoever did that wouldn't have to be involved in taking them back down. I am short a string of clear lights, and trying to buy another at Target proved fruitless. Clear lights seem to be all the rage these days. At least in our neighborhood. I think we might be almost the only ones that have multi-colored lights outside. I want to put clear ones on the two tall bushes. I also have several strings on the pergola that stay up year round, but they have quite a few bulbs burned out and I think I'm going to just replace the strings. I've been trying to fix them and it's just very complicated.
The tree took essentially 3 days. Not that it's a particularly great tree, but we all just pretty much kept running out of steam.
So. Next is the shopping, which I imagine we'll do online. Mensa Boy's list is completely shot, leaving Nate and me nothing to get for him. This happens all the time. Nate didn't even publish a list this year.
Wow...looking back at this, it seems all pretty dismal. But actually, things are looking pretty nice around here. And restful.

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