Saturday, December 15, 2007

Accidental Exposure

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Yesterday I ran like a crazy woman, from school to school, interviewing and taking photos. At one point I walked into the high school after leaving the elementary, and got a call on my cell. The editor. Asking me to go to the new middle school to shoot some teachers taking a tour. They are going to move into the building around January 15.

Fortunately, I've learned enough about my photography skills to know that I should take several shots at several different exposures when I'm shooting for pay.

This is my HUGE SHADOW on the wall behind a group shot I took at the new middle school. I corrected the angles, exposure and lighting so that I could get a good, printable photo. But I thought the shadow was cool enough that I played around with some color and texture in Photoshop and submitted it for my self-portrait for yesterday. I'm in the mid-60s now with the self-portraits. Some are well-planned, but many are quite accidental.

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