Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wine Notes: Wolf Blass Shiraz 2004

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This is my "house wine." This is the one (and the cab-shiraz blend by the same vineyard) that I have around all the time. The one that I go back to whenever I can't think of anything new to try.

I read about Wolf Blass in an article somewhere. That it's the number one selling wine in Australia. Judging by the wine selection in our grocery stores, I'd have to assume that the number one Australian wine in America is Yellowtail. I have to assume Yellowtail's success here in the U.S. is all due to marketing. It has to be some of the worst wine I've ever had. I can get a migraine from 3 sips of it...any of the grapes. Without fail, every time. Even when I don't know what wine I'm drinking!

Anyway, Wolf Blass. It's not acrid. It's quite smooth and fruity and just begs for a piece of dark chocolate. I like it on a cool evening after supper. And the price is right. It's always under $10. Usually around $8.99.


Columbia Foodie said...

Yes, yellow tail is a headache in a bottle. I agree!


Karen said...

Well hey there, neighbor! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll be jumping over to see what you are up to, too! Interesting that you have an entry about eating locally. I'll be doing a story about that for our paper in the coming months.

Chef Debbie said...

I so agree about Yellow Tail! It is swill, IMHO, and I also agree that that cute little kangaroo on the label is what is selling it.

Try the WB Shiraz with a nice steak au poivre to bring out the peppery notes in the wine. Amazing how food & wine interact to enhance flavors in each.

Karen said...

Hey, thanks for the idea! I'll do some research on that recipe and whip it up this weekend, maybe.
And thanks for the grains recipes. I may use both of them. I'll send you photos when I'm done.

See my dear readers! A REAL CHEF agrees with me about the wine! HA...