Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ruining His Life-Part 2

Okay. The scene:

Bear is barking at me. Sitting by my chair, barking. This usually means he desperately needs to go OUT! But of course he’d JUST been out. Pooped. Peed. I think he mainly wants attention. The guys are home and he usually really just wants to play when they get here.

So I yell across the house: “Someone needs to take this dog out and do something with him!”



[[dead silence]]

Taylor has already run him around the block. He was the guy on poop watch when it happened too. So I yell:


Still no response.

I walk to the dining room. Both guys are hunched over books, not looking up. Pencils scritching across paper.

“Nate, take the dog out and play with him.”

[[big sigh]]

He hauls himself up from his chair. “OKAY! If you want me to forget about my future!!!”

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1 comment:

Tracey said...

He's actually complaining about a legitimate excuse to take a break from homework? That is one weird teenager.