Friday, October 05, 2007

What NOT to Eat

The author of "Balance" obviously has an unbalanced palate:


I think my favorite part of this entry is in the comment section, where he likens his sandwich to the United Methodist Church.

"Open jars, open hands, open mouths…the sandwich of the United Methodist Church!”


Steve said...

And it sounds as if the author of No Food Left Behind may be showing some unwillingness to follow through with her title!

I've hit the big time now, being unappreciated in my own time (as Phoebe Bouffet would claim).

Kimberlee said...

Poor, Steve! Feeling unappreciated in his quest for creative condiment integration. :)

I think there's a support group for that.

Or...maybe not.

Karen said...

Oh no! I can't believe you have busted me on this. It sounds so much like a PBBMP show-down!

And Duke's no less?