Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's a Thursday. Running out of Week!

I hit the $500 mark yesterday. Buddy Cindy from Jazzercise kicked in the last $5 to make it an even $500.

Yesterday I worked all day on one CD project. Very very frustrating. I went to Jazz in the afternoon and pretty much wiped myself out, too. Today I hope to get the rest of these done, but Mensa Boy returns from Uruguay today and I need to put together a nice family meal for supper, as well as do a little work on the floors here.

Bear's last puppy vet visit was yesterday. Quite traumatic. He has tapeworms (caused by swallowing fleas), and so had to be given medication for that. And we microchipped him, which is a little painful. The needle used to embed the chip is quite large. It actually drew blood. The poor little guy climbed up my chest and wrapped his paws around my neck. But after all the worming, rabies, bordetella, lepto, parvo, etc, he is now official. Bona Fide. Has a rabies tag. There is no pet registration in our county, so the microchipping the rabies tag are the best ways to get your dog back if he gets lost.

My neighbor, Mary Jean, lost her old dog at the beginning of the summer. He wandered off when she let him out to the bathroom at 3 in the morning. She sat down on the couch to wait for him and fell asleep. He was found 4 hours later on the other side of the road in the back part of our neighborhood. The woman who found him called the vet phone number from the rabies tag and the vet called Mary Jean.

He's coming along on the housetraining. He goes to the door more and more now and each time he does go potty when he gets out there. But he also likes to just get out there, so I know he's going out more than he really needs it. But for the time being, we'll need to respond every time.

That's it for today! I have another product review for tomorrow.

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Tracey said...

Rover and Spot were once returned to us the same way, the guy that found them called the vet number on the tag. It's very handy. Though usually now if they get out (which is very rare these days), they come back before anyone's picked them up.

They actually got out last week and someone down the street caught Rover and put a leash on him to bring him back, and Spot came running home and sat at the front door barking incessantly to tell us that Rover had been kidnapped. It made it easy for the woman who had Rover to find us.