Saturday, February 13, 2016

First Visit: Way Back Burgers

I have never heard of this place, so when I saw it as we pulled into a shopping area, I assumed it was an independent burger joint. But I googled it and noticed it was part of a chain. Ok. I'm always skeptical of chains, especially burger or chicken places. But they had a veggie burger on the menu so I figured we should give it a try. 

I wish we hadn't. Foodwise, anyway. 
The staff was wonderful, the food was not. 

We were greeted by Sarah, who immediately figured out we'd never been to one of their restaurants before. She explained the menu options and set us up. Later she came back to our table and said she'd charged us for an item we didn't order and gave us a refund for it. 

Now. To the food:

My chips were the best part of the entire meal. They were beautifully crisp and nicely salted and they offered various dipping sauces for them. Bob's fries were just ok. They were skin-on potatoes and had a nice flavor but they were fried in oil that was not hot enough, so they were slightly greasy. 

The burgers were not great. Bob's patty melt seemed ok but it was served in a smashed, but toasted bun and just looked unappetizing. The veggie burger was also served on smashed bun, not toasted, just doughy. I'm not at all sure what ingredients went into the veggie burger. It looked like a hash brown potato cake with some flecks of carrot and maybe a few other diced veggies in there, a couple black beans and maybe some grain like oatmeal? It was greasy and seved with a slice of pretty white iceberg lettuce and and a terrible slice of tomato. 

A gentleman came by and asked how we like our food and Bob told him very kindly that the buns could use some work. He was polite and friendly and didn't seem to mind the criticism, but he offered that we might could ask for the bun for the veggie burger to be toasted so it wouldn't seem so doughy. He didn't apologize for the meal at all. 

So there you have it. We definitely won't try them again. 

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