Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bear & Sheryl

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This is the closest Bear has gotten to one of the chicks and she's handling it quite well. This is the last chick to receive a name. I think it will be Sheryl. It was Mensa Boy's idea. Of course.


Tom from California said...

A true story here--when I was a young boy I had a pet hampster and my Mom had a poodle. The two were quite good friends. The hampster would actually climb into the dogs mouth and stay there for quite some time. When Beau (the dog) got tired of the little creature Hampster (the hampster) would climb out and go to his nest. At the time it was so cool--as I've gotten older and reflect--It's pretty creepy isn't it?

Tom from California

Karen said...

Tom! You're still alive! How ya been?