Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Wii and Me

So. I told you I got a Wii Fit for Christmas. Didn't I? (too lazy to look back) Anyway, it's my friend Cassie's. She and her husband got tired of it telling them they were obese. Cassie does a great imitation of the Wii voices. She has us all in stitches every time.

The first day I used it was Christmas Day. I was brave. I set it up in the cabin we were staying in and did it in front of the family. I weighed in, got my BMI, and the first balance test.

Which? In my defense? I didn't quite understand how to play.

It said my Wii Fit Age was 63.


Mensa Boy, in true MB form, tried to reassure me. "Don't worry. You're in great shape! You just didn't know what you were doing!" Uh huh. Thanks.

So I went on to the balance game. "You are unbalanced," it pronounced. Yuh. Tell me something I DON'T know! After being hit by several pair of cleats in the soccer heading game (Why do we actually say "OW!" when we can't feel it?), I gave up and collected my little footprint stamp.

Nate tried it and his Wii age was 18. That's also his real age, of course. {{Suck up...}}

Taylor came in at 24. 10 years over his regular age. MB didn't do the game and neither did Nate's gf Erin.

So we get home and the next day I try it in my bedroom. It weighs me 8.8 lbs less than the day before. It pronounces that, while it is pleased with my success, it's concerned that I may be losing too much weight too quickly. I do a couple more balance games, earning somewhat permanent dents on my foreheads from the cleats but discovering that I'm a darned good tightrope walker, and earn "Yoga Master" status in 2 of the 5 yoga poses I do. I'm feeling pretty good.

Then? Things start to fall apart.

If you don't do the Wii Fit, you can go on there and log your activity that you have done elsewhere. I knew this, but did not know that you could not backdate. You have to log on EACH DAY and tell it what you are doing. So Saturday, when I nearly killed myself doing a Jazzercise class and then went straight to the wall-climbing place with MB? NO CREDIT! Sunday, before I learned about this horrible deficiency with backdating, my shoulders and arms hurt too much from belaying to even lift the remote for the Wii, I did nothing.

Monday? Jazzercise. I came home from class and decided to log on and tell it all my achievements. While I was still sweaty from the 5:45 a.m. class, the Wii chided me for taking time off. Something about Mom being too busy to work out lately. SHEESH!

Also by this time MB had figured out that we needed to put these auxiliary feet on the bottom of the board to make it weigh right. Yippee. Now I weighed back what I was on the first day. The Wii Fit said it was concerned about my quick weight gain. It listed something like a dozen reasons why I might have gained this weight...too many snacks, not enough exercise, poor diet...none of them were "because I put the right frikkin' feet on the bottom of this frikkin' board!"

I clicked "I don't know."

Now it wanted to TALK about what the possible causes might be. Yikes.

But all in all the Wii Fit is kind of fun. Now I just make sure I go up there and log on once each day ("Hey! MB! Don't go to bed yet! I haven't logged onto the Wii") and I'm sure I'll get into some sort of routine. Today I did 5 yoga poses and 2 balance games. My Wii Fit age is 47 now, which is a year younger than I am, so that's good.

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Julia said...

Wii Fit age - 34 - Yoga Master on 95% of Yoga poses (I have them all unlocked) Dents in head from soccer? Too many to count! The worst part so far was doing too many lunges and not being able to climb stairs for 2 days.