Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Favorite Things: Under Armour

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I've messed around with product reviews before and I guess I could probably put this under that. But really I thought I'd just periodically take photos of things that I really enjoy.

This idea came about while I was jazzercising this morning. I was noticing how MUCH I LOVE this Under Armour sportshirt I bought. I picked it up at Marshall's the other day for $10 and I wish I'd bought more. It's light, breathes well, and looks good.

The UA shoes I've had for a couple of months now. Jazz instructor Kelly had them first and I tried hers on. She bought sports insoles for hers and says it's the combination of insoles and shoes that makes them so enjoyable. I have to agree with her. I tried the shoes for a few classes without the insoles and found they really did not provide enough cushioning for the pounding they get in Jazz. It was tough for me to give up my beloved Rykas. I've worn them for years and years (many pair...not the same ones), but it was time for a change. Now I'm anxious to start thinking about my "summer pair" of UA shoes...a lighter color, of go with the crop pants.

The third item in the photo is my beloved right-hand weight. I'm not using 6 pounders right now, preferring my 7s and really needing 8s, but I always have these old 6s riding around in the car for case of muscle strain I can just bump down a pound or two. Or clop a hijacker upside the head, I guess. Anyway, the protective cover started coming off this weight and not the other, so I always think of it has my right-hand one. I can't even use it on my left, much as I've tried. You can see it in this photo, but there are couple of spots in the center bar where the cover has come off right in the shape of my middle finger and thumb. Those two sweaty fingers rest right on the cold iron there. I've got a hairband wrapped around my right-hand 7. Yes, even in Jazzercise we all have our little idiosyncrasies. Well, maybe not all of us. But then, not all of us have the nickname CJL...Certified Jazzercise Lunatic.

Do you have a favorite sportswear item or piece of equipment?

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