Thursday, August 23, 2007

No Coffee, No Title

UPDATE: The water came back on just as I was getting the kids up to school. Whew!

Today could be a bad day.

I woke up at 5:30 and found we have no water to speak of. We had a day a couple of weeks ago when our water pressure was low. Today there is no water at all upstairs and it just trickles out downstairs.

Nate is not going to be happy.

If they have no water at the school then I figure it could be cancelled or postponed. Which would mean being here all day with unhappy people.

I hope this is the worst-case scenario. At least, I can't think of anything worse. But without coffee my imagination is not really running wild, either.

On a lighter note, yesterday was yet another day over 100 degrees. I sat in the car line at school thinking about how I needed to get a few more school supplies and gas for the car and get the bathrooms cleaned and supper started. And I was tired.

Then it popped into my head that I could Nate to put gas in the car and buy the school supplies. Let the boy run around in the heat.

So I gave him some money and the list and told him to call if he had a hard time finding stuff:

Hand sanitizer
5-subject notebook
Clorox wipes or some other surface sanitizer

I told him he didn't need to go all the way to Target to get the stuff. He could just hit the pharmacy on the edge of Ballantyne. (we don't have such things...pharmacies)

He called to say he didn't know where the hand sanitizer was. I gave him some suggestions.

He called to say he couldn't find it. I told him he'd need to ask. [sigh of exasperation from him here]

He called to ask what Clorox wipes were.

When he got home, he had

Hand Sanitizer
5-subject notebook
Bounce dryer sheets


Tracey said...

So, the newspaper kids are coming over on Saturday for make-your-own pizzas and build-your-own sundaes, and I'm in charge of coming up with an appetizer. Do you happen to know of any "make-your-own" appetizer? My only idea is to just put out a bunch of stuff and some plates with a sign that says "make your own sampler platters."

LIVE FROM... said...

I AM HOWLING! We MUST get Nate and Devon together - cut from the same cloth...the sighs of exasperation...AND the Bounce sheets -- so very Devon! Don't you love that he can drive now?