Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Bloomin' Idjut!"

He was too nice to say that, but I did find out from Dr. Adam Cooper, chiropractor, (signs his emails 'ACDC') that I've completely mis-diagnosed and consequently done every single thing wrong with my shoulder.

The left shoulder has been troubling me a lot in the last two weeks. But it was kind of nagging at me for about a month. I thought I was sleeping incorrectly. That the muscles were getting knotted up from improper sleeping. And so I was stretching it, working it, rubbing it...trying to work out what I perceived to be tightness.

Finally the soreness had morphed into a severe burning sensation across both shoulder blades and I was worried enough to seek medical attention.

Sure. The muscles are tight, but the underlying problem is a strained muscle.

"Feels like it's the muscle that goes across my shoulder blade."

[twist, turn, rotate] "hmm. Is it this way or that way?" he asked.

"YOW! That's it!"

"Strained supraspinalis," he muttered.

"What's that?"

"The muscle that goes across your shoulder blade."

And then I learned that I should be resting it, icing it, not exercising it. No weights.

"So basically, I've been stupidly doing exactly the wrong thing for this."

"Well, I wouldn't put it thaaaatttt way!" he said.

And so I was introduced to this fine product:

It is pure menthol. You only need a tiny bit. Very gelatinous. In fact, if you aren't careful, it will just fall off your finger and plop to the floor. The smell is menthol, but wears off within a couple of minutes. But man! Is it COLD! It's like putting an ice cube directly on your skin. That sensation seems to last about 10 minutes.

I did not tell ACDC about dropping my own camera on my head last Sunday.

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Jenny O. said...

I'll post it before my husband does. I got Biofreeze in my eye once. It ain't good, let's just say. Make sure you clean your hands WELL after application.