Thursday, August 16, 2007

Strangers. And yet...not

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Last week my husband and I went to the the Old Mill City district in our hometown of Minnepolis to see the collapsed 35W bridge. We walked across the Stone Arch Bridge, where we could see St. Anthony Falls on one side, and the 3rd street bridge on the other. There were many people on the bridge that day, one week after the catastrophe.
There were a few memorials, but not many. Really, only about five mementos that I can recall. A couple of signs and some small flower bouquets.
I told my friend Julie that I thought it was fitting that this bridge is NOT just heaped high with flowers and posters...that it is not surprising that the outpouring of grief and concern is muted. This is a region full of folks of Scandinavian heritage. A reserved demeanor is common here.
I took this photo of these people looking at a memorial poster. I like the range of emotions we see here.

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burkinator said...

Yep. Stoic Scandinavians. But still waters run deep—I'd bet the Red Cross blood donation centers were full for a couple of days. If I'm really in need, I'll want a Minnesotan at my back every time! (This is high praise from a native NYer.)