Sunday, August 12, 2007


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Well, we are here. Back from "Up Nort." Glad to be home. Maybe. It's stinkin' hot here. And our lawn is burned up. But the jalapenos I hung up to dry in the kitchen and the garage didn't mold, and the house is cooling down nicely after being left at 90 degrees. I've reconnected with a couple of my friends and all is right with the world.

Tomorrow? Massage and then some serious writing.

And the blog entries will come between the paying work. In the meantime, here is my photo of the day, unedited. Brother Lis testing to see how fast I can do the manual focus lens on my camera. Obviously? Not that fast. You can't even see the little reed she is holding up. But she looks pretty darn clear, doesn't she? Of course, my camera naturally navigates toward her anyway.

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