Saturday, August 18, 2007


While visiting Minnesota, the four cousins got to spend some quality time together. When they were all very small, they were together a lot and my sister and I in general raised them together to be like siblings. The kids miss each other now that we are gone.

My sister bought a trampoline for their back yard and my kids took advantage of our "your house, your rules" theory and jumped on it as much as possible. We do not allow them to jump on tramps here.
My brother-in-law gave them light sticks one night and we played with slow shutter speeds.

Of course I could not resist doing some micro-managing. (They are used to this and played along nicely.) Here they are spelling out a word. Hey. It was the only 4-letter word that came to my mind!


Jenny O. said...

These are awesome!

Julia said...

Those are cool. I didn't see them while you were here.