Monday, April 14, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: I Have Need of Ye

My personal baseball reporting: Fair, Balanced, Unafraid
Twins 6-6 Braves 5-8 KC broke their winning streak
My parents arrived yesterday for a visit. They will be here all week. They brought their dog Mickey with them. Mickey and Soya get along pretty well. No snarling or snapping, although at times Mickey deserves it. He tends to follow Soya around adoringly and likes to get in her face with his nose periodically. It's fun just to look at them both, since they look so much alike, although Soya outweighs Mick by about 45 pounds. Mickey is a Boston Terrier, Soya is a Boxer.
Saturday afternoon Mensa Boy and I went to a friend's house and we planned a 15 minute praise & worship service for the last Sunday of April at church. Every Sunday there is "Prayer Around The Altar" for 15 minutes before Sunday School. But we are trying to do a singing time for the last Sunday. Mensa Boy took his guitar and our friend Martin plays piano and guitar. We are in the process of rounding up more singers. Right now we have Mensa Boy and me, Rick H singing baritone and Lane W on Soprano. Lane, Rick and I trade parts back and forth. We don't use music, just lyrics, so it's pretty loose.
Sunday was, or course, Palm Sunday. Tony's sermon title was "I Have Need of Ya". Not "I Have Need of Thee", not "I Have Need of You"...."I Have Need of Ya". It's always my favorite Sunday...commemorating Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. At Minnehaha church the kids all gathered in the back and then came down the aisles, ended in the front and usually sang a song. Here, the sanctuary is quite small, but there are a lot of little kids, so they came down the two aisles, crossed in the front and went back up the aisles and around and around. It was way cool.
That's it. Going to be around 80 here today. Hoo Hoo!

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