Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: Bread and Beer Diet

My personal baseball reporting: Fair, Balanced, Unafraid
Twins 7-6 Braves 6-8
My neighbor, Mary R, is on a Bread-and-Beer diet. Not really, but it sounds funny, doesn't it? She and I run errands together occasionally and she is hooked on Harris Teeter's artisan breads. She also like Corona Light. I tease her about what the neighbors will think when they see her two empty Corona cases put out for Dean the Garbage Guy. (It's not EVERY week)
Whatever she is doing, it's working. She's dropped something like 20 pounds since moving here in September.
Last night Mensa Boy announced that we only had one sandwich bag left. This is a bad thing, since we make lunches for the kids to take to school every day. I told him I'd just gotten back from Target earlier in the day, so we'd have to start a new Target list. He came up with a brilliant, Mensa-boy idea:
"If we went to Maggie Moo's, we could get sandwich bags at Harris Teeter at the same time." So, we all piled in and went to Maggie Moo's. We love that place. You choose an ice cream and then a mix-in like chocolate chips. They put both ingredients on a frozen slab and smash everything around while you watch. Cool.
Didn't buy the sandwich bags. I love Harris Teeter, but I'd rather buy my plastic and paper products at Target. With the money I save I can buy another scoop of Cocoo Amooreto with chocolate chips.

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