Saturday, April 12, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: They Didn't Like Each Other

My personal baseball reporting: Fair, Balanced, Unafraid
Twins 4-6 Braves 4-7
So, I'm reading the Lancaster News yesterday and there's a story about a guy who gets 26 years in prison for armed robbery. His accomplice has already pled guilty and been sentenced. But this guy says he didn't do it(surprise surprise). He's been trying to establish his innocence by saying he was out cold drunk at the time.
He apparently roomed with the other convicted guy. The other guy also says he doesn't know who helped him rob the convenience store. Apparently the prosecutor was trying to establish a relationship between the two guys. Points out they lived together. Says to the first convicted guy...well, you must be friends. After all, you lived together.
The convicted guy says "So, I lived with my Mother-in-Law and I don't like her."

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