Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: Chreasters

Twins 9-11 Braves 11-9
How deeply satisfying to pick up the Charlotte Observer sports section today and see, in HUGE type, these words:
Timberwolves devour Lakers
and then to see that The Wild has also done quite advance to the semifinals.
However, I really need to find an source for chocolate marshmallow candy...the Twins are about to drive me around the bend!
Got a few comments yesterday, thank you. My friend Lil sent a newsy email about a couple of people from Chapel of Hope in they are doing. And she also said they had baked french toast at Minnehaha UMC for the Easter breakfast. No grits for them. In fact, no grits for us, either. We had pancakes, sausage and fruit. It was good, but I'm still waiting to have some of Harold Mc's famous grits. I guess they really rock.
And Tony wanted to know what a "Chreaster" is. He figured it out before I could answer him back. A Chreaster is a person who only seems to show up for church at Christmas and Easter. Southerners are too polite to use that term, I'm thinking.

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