Thursday, April 24, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: Bob the Builder

Twins 9-11 Braves 12-9 Twins game was posponed due to rain yesterday. This is probably good. They needed to sit down and think, I think.
Bob the Builder
Can We Fix It?
Bob the Builder
Yes We Can!
My new favorite....Bob the Builder! I had a wonderful hour last night with chocolate-covered marshmallow Bob the Builders, courtesy of my friend Cassie. I was at choir practice, minding my own business, when in walks Cassie. She hands me a package of Bob the Builder chocolate covered Marshmallows! And West Wing was a new episode last night! Woo Hoo!
Comments from yesterday:
Lil said: Glad you mentioned the Wild and the Wolves this morning!!! The Twins are not doing so well at this point in the season. They lost to Kansas City 4-3. Gardenhire's comment, "Sometimes you lose to win." Check out the Startrib website and find the write up of the game. The article says, "Gardenhire surveyed the game, littered with so many non-productive moments and found a flower blooming in the muck" Check it out!!! As for chocolate marshmallow candy, I have no idea what they are since I am not a candy eater.
Now, I looked up that article. It definitely was a good one. See, the Twinks were down 4-1 going into the 9th of that game. Then they woke up and scored a couple of runs. Gardenhire said it reminded him of the Twins of last year. So with the rain postponement of last night...maybe????
Kristen said: I looked high and low for marshmallow eggs, one of my all-time favorites, and didn't find any. I like all of the eggs—peanut butter, coconut, caramel and marsh.—but had a hard time this year.
Last, I'm happy for my Yankees, but wish it didn't come at the expense of the Twins. I miss MN and had kind of adopted the underdog Twins. I just hope the Yanks pound Boston and Atlanta every chance they get. Then the Twins can take a whack at them, too!
Is anyone else tired of hearing about the Dixie Chicks?

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