Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: March 2003-Wherein I Introduce Us

We moved to South Carolina from Minneapolis in August, 2002. My husband's company is relocating to Charlotte, NC and his department was transferred then.
It was a tough decision to make...leaving our family and friends behind and striking out in a new place. But it's turned out to have been a good one.
This blog is about our move and all the adjustments we've been going through here. But it's also about our day-to-day life, as we attempt to keep everyone we love up to date with our lives.
I'll tell about the funny stuff the kids say and do, like how this evening at supper Taylor suddenly said "hey Mom, you know Halloween? Not last Halloween, but the one before that? In 2001? What did we have for supper before we went trick-or-treating?"
I'll tell about the stuff we've been learning from these very lovable Carolinians, like how they wear tobaggans on their heads in the winter and have never seen one you ride on down a snowy hill.
And I'll tell about the books I've been reading and the movies I've been seeing, just because so many people I know want to get good book and movie ideas.
And of course food. I'll talk about food because it's my hobby and I love mentioning the new recipes I've tried. Like tonight, when we had Shrimp with Green Sauce, a recipe I got from the Charlotte Observer. Apparently it was the shrimp that prompted Taylor to ask what we at that halloween. He thought it was shrimp.
So this blog will be ramblings and rantings (after all I AM the writer!). I'll try to post something every day or so. And there are rooms for comments, so it will be an easy way for you to respond and everyone else can see it.
That's it! Talk to you tomorrow.

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