Friday, April 08, 2016

First Visit: Bang Bang Burgers

This, my friends, is how you do a black bean burger:

This is a quinoa black bean burger, from Bang Bang Burger. This sandwich respects the black bean burger and those who choose to eat them. This creation has a crisp crust, flavorful mixture, and is topped with delicious condiments. There were crunchy pickles, a chipotle ranch dressing, and some mo' jack cheese on a wonderfully toasted bun. The accompanying fries were crisp and generous. 
Mensa Boy had a Bang Bang Burger, which was a standard burger with lettuce, tomatoes and onion and their special Bangburger sauce. Burgers come in single patty or double patty sizes. He had the single and felt it was plenty. I've seen a couple people comment online that it's expensive, but I don't think so. For $10 you get a meal that is high quality. thoughtful, and filling.

I don't know what is in their Bangburger sauce. Their website doesn't go into that. We thought it tasted a bit like a zipped-up Thousand Island sauce. I dipped my fries into Bob's. The restaurant is a counter-ordering place, but they bring your food to the table. The offer a nice selection of craft beers, many of them local. We were there on a Saturday night around 7 and it was steady busy but not crowded. It's located in the cool Elizabeth neighborhood. I could see it being a neighborhood place. There were no TVs up playing sports, I think. I don't remember, so that tells you it's not an obvious attraction if there are any. 

The restaurant is about 5 minutes from the Grady Cole Center. With the close proximity to the Charlotte Roller Girls, and the wonderful food, I'm sure we'll be back. 

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