Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Fun, Soul-Satisfying Day

It was, it was. A soul-satisfying day.

Two yoga classes this morning. The first was an hour long and was primarily moon salutations. Those are hard work if you want them to be. And I did, so it was. After a 45 minute break, the second class began. That is a 90 minute class and we did several rather yin-like poses, where you sink into a pose and then hold it for a few minutes. There were yang bits, which were primarily standing poses like the warriors and triangle. But the yin bits were very timely for me, since I was tired from the first class and had run out of time to eat anything for breakfast that morning. Yogi Liz has a very soothing voice, which is pleasant to listen and relax to. That voice has become all the sweeter for me this summer too, as it is now not just the voice of my teacher, but also the voice of my friend. I had a very hard time rousing myself from Savasana in both classes as a result.

The afternoon began with a very nice lunch of leftover steak in a salad of greens, organic tomato and croutons I made from a stale croissant, dressed with blue cheese dressing. Then a nice nap.

After the nap Mensa Boy and I ventured out to Target, World Market and Harris Teeter. It was a fairly quick trip, as his knee was pretty sore. After we returned, I put a loaf of bread in the oven and changed for a hike in the woods with Liz, her son Jared and their dog Rusty. We tramped around for more than hour, battling spider webs, sticky plants and bugs. We decided we'll do it again when the leaves are starting to change.

For supper Liz made a frittata and we had naan, which we made out of the same bread dough recipe we've both been using for bread. I think I've found a new obsession in naan. It was delicious and easy and we stuffed ourselves silly with it, washing that and the frittata down with a Muscato Blanco from California. We ate this sitting on their lovely screened-in porch, which hangs out into the woods behind their home. We listened to the ciccadas and cats and the occasional neighborhood dog. We capped the evening watching 6-year-old Jared play Wii mini golf for a bit.

And now it's 10 p.m. and there are still two days left of the weekend. Cool.

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