Monday, September 07, 2009

Begin day: Yoga. End Day: Yoga

That might have been too much. I think I will need to take a day off tomorrow. I am sore. It's a pleasant soreness that tells you that you have been working out, but this soreness also tells me "Hey! I could really use a rest here!" And so I will.

My friend Terri has taken to calling my left foot the "foot of doom." I think that's pretty funny. And the humor has helped me to let go of frustrations with it. Actually, the foot has been getting better and better and really has not bothered my yoga practice too much this past week. I just have a lingering wish that I could stop the anti-inflammatory medication. It's keeping me from sleeping very well. It kind of jazzes me up. Not really much, but just enough to keep me from sleeping for very long.

Mensa Boy's knee took a turn for the worst yesterday morning and he's been a little miserable. But now this afternoon he said it started to feel a bit better too, so he's going to do some of his physical therapy exercises here in a bit.

Wow, this turned all medical all of a sudden. What am I? 80?

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