Monday, May 18, 2009

A Summary

Here's what I've been doing since May 5:

1. Went to a bridal shower for a girl from Mensa Boy's department. It was a lingerie shower. Why did I go to this, you ask? Me, who buys her "lingerie" at Target? Well, truth be told, I didn't have an excuse not to, and Heidi, who was throwing the party, assured me there would be an available corner for me to rock in if I needed it.

It turned out to be a pretty pleasant shower. There was only one game, which entailed a passage from Song of Solomon where the two lovers describe each other assets in ways we modern folk never would think of: hair like a flock of goats and neck like the tower of David. You know. We had to match the descriptions with the body part.

2. Planted my flower bed. Stuff's coming up now. Especially since we are having rain rain rain. In fact, my patio tomato almost seems like it might be getting too much water.

3. Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Yoga. The usual. And each week I do something in yoga that I never had tried before. Last Saturday it was a headstand. Pretty cool, I thought.

4. Played Badminton at school. If you could call what we, Erin and I, did playing badminton. We lost our first game in the tourney 21-3. And I have to say it was not my fault, actually. Turns out Erin is not a closet baddie. She pretty much sucks, actually. I think she herself was more surprised than I was. We had great shirts though. Erin bought yellow t-shirts and drew Sumo wrestlers on them. The Sumos held flaming badminton rackets. Our team name was Sumo Warriors. Why did we have that as a name? Because they wouldn't let us sign up without a name and since both of us are slight of build, we thought maybe we'd pick something that was the exact opposite of us!

5. Did I mention the lingerie party? I did? Well, it's still a little bit stuck in my brain. Trauma does that. Takes a while to wear off.

6. Oh yeah! And we had a surprise 50th birthday party for bff Rena. Her sister-in-law planned it, but we helped with food and kept the secret for a month. Payback's going to be a bitch, though. I can tell. Fortunately fellow posse member Tambri's birthday is 8 days after mine, so if she decides to do something to me, it will be to both of us. And we'll have another year before we turn 50. A lot could happen in a year. If I play my cards right, I'll lose all my friends by then so there would be no one to have to a party like that.

7. Nate came home from school last weekend. Which means GF Erin will be here a lot. I'm glad they have each other because I think neither of them are going to have any luck finding jobs. So they can drive each other nuts rather than just Nate killing us.

I think that's it for now. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up. Baby Taylor is graduating from 8th grade. I'm going to be so glad to have him at the high school next year. I just hope I'm still there!

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Burkinator said...

Once everyone left, Heidi and I dubbed it the tamest personal shower on record. EVER. You got off eeeeeaaasy. : )