Thursday, March 05, 2009

Proud to be a Republican. I THINK?

So I'm sitting at lunch today, minding my own business, when my lunch companion says to me "You have such a big heart. Such a caring personality. How is it that you are a Republican?"

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The statement came about because for the last two days I've been working with our district ESOL (English as a Second Language) person to get a couple of new students enrolled. The new students are from another country and have been sent here by their father to stay with their aunt.

Some might say we should not offer a free education to children such as these. Their parents live in another country, we have never and may never collect a dime of taxes from this family. These kids could drop out of our school or they could stay and graduate and go back to their homeland, taking the benefits of their education with them. Or? They could go on to college here, graduate, and stay here, gaining U.S. citizenship. Who knows? Only God knows.

While they are here, they will be well-cared for by our school and community. The aunt and uncle are not wealthy people, but they will provide them a good home. At least that's the feeling we get from the aunt. And the staff is rapidly falling in love with these two students. I'm confident our students will too. We have many children of immigrants here in our school. At least one church I know will turn itself inside-out to help the aunt and uncle provide for the family's basic needs. And the church will love every minute of it.

Yes. I am a Republican. But I have no problem with immigrants. I have very few problems with illegal aliens. I am an environmentalist too. I believe in social programs. I don't think we should give just any tom, dick or harry a free ride, but I do believe in business. And one of the first adages of business that I learned is "You gotta spend money to make money." And I happen to think that is true socially and spiritually as well. You need to invest in humanity to receive back. You need to put yourself and your values out there for consumption to truly reap rewards in heaven and on earth. Some investments don't work out. But others do.

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Burkinator said...

This Republican agrees wholeheartedly.