Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Donkey Basketball

I have no idea what was going on there. I was probably trying to turn around to see what was going on with the basketball. I never actually got my hands on the ball the entire time I was in the game. I basically just sat on my donkey and rode around. Except at one point I leaned over and pushed a friend (on the opposing team) off her donkey.

There is a distinct advantage to riding in the last quarter. By then you have a good idea what donkeys are ride-able.

The game was fixed in favor of the elementary. That's seems fitting. They had the most participation and sold the most ticket. And since the proceeds benefited the booster club, and the elementary doesn't even have sports supported by them, it makes even more sense to let them win the game. And we had to LET them win. 'Cause I'm tellin' you...we got donkey bb skills, man!

So we are back to school after a snow day yesterday and 2-hour delay today. That's all folks!

Photo courtesy Tim Champion. http://champs.fototime.com.

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Jen Morgan said...

This. Is so. COOL.